I Hate Mgid.com

MGid.com, traffic exchange service that offers small start up blog and website (like this, mine) to join their traffing exchange program to grow togethter for free, has made me mad.

They refused my request to join their program – for another site of mine – and got declined. The reason was they couldn’t cooperate with sites containing adult materials.

Well, that was acceptable. I then removed all adult materials from my site (actually, only galleries of selfshots and posing models – some in bikini – nothing nudity), and replied their e-mail, asking them if I removed all adult related content from my site, would I have a chance to rejoin their program?

Hell no. They replied me, they still can’t sign my site in. Their system only works with those sites which have more than 1000 daily visitors! I don’t mean to blame anyone, but try to imagine: if your site has more than 1000 daily visitors, who needs their program?

This make no sense. They should add a bold line under their bold statement existing there:

Join our network of high-quality advertising possibilities and start raising the readership of your website for free. All you need to do is display our compelling content on your website. 



WordPress (thanks for their great service) has given us other choices: notification on reblogging (plus backlinks), public tags, likes on post, follow blog, Facebook sharing, Google+1, etc., all with notifications and a great suggestion to visit back our visitors’ blogs. With these all priceless offers (free), it’s right time for me to forget mgid!

Thanks for reading. And oh, – copied and pasted from messages arrived from mgid’s support – “Our apologies for any inconvenience caused”.

Workaholic? Do Not Waste Your Time For Hot Coffee

USB Drink WarmerWorkaholics think that leave their laptop for making a cup of coffee or tea is wasting their time.
You do not need to do that. Use this USB Drink Warmer. Plug it into your laptop or PC USB and a glass of coffee on it. You are now having your hot coffee without wasting a minute!

USB Drink Warmer is on sale

How To Disable Theater Mode In Facebook Photo Viewer

Don’t want the new theater mode of Facebook photo viewer? Ever want to disable it but don’t know why? Try FB PhotoTheater Killer

It’s a Mozilla Firefox Add-On by Sujith Kumar. Just follow the link using Fiefox and install it. You are ready.


WordPress.com is hiring!

WordPress.com is announcing  job vacancies. They are hiring:

  • Account Engineer
  • Code Wrangler
  • Community Handyman
  • Designer
  • Growth Engineer
  • Happiness Engineer
  • Mobile Wrangler
  • Systems Wrangler
  • Theme Wrangler


WordPress.com offer you to work from home, anywhere around the world. They track the work using WordPress.com blog (70%), IRC (25%)  and also Skype or AIM.

Work In Place

If you have chance to come onboard with WordPress.com, you will be able to do the project together with based on contract. For full-time joiner, first three weeks will be done as customer support. Three to eight first weeks, they evaluate you on how you work together with the team.

Annual Meetup

Chance you’ll included in wordpress company meetup once a year in San Francisco; La Paz, Mexico; Oracle, Arizona; Breckenridge, Colorado; Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec; Seaside, Florida; and Budapest, Hungary. Other places may be planned.


  • Open vacation policy (no set number of days per year). We encourage our employees to take the time they need to take vacation, develop interests, and spend time with friends and family.
  • Health, dental, & vision insurance for US employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and children.
  • 401(k) plan for US employees.
  • We cover all costs of company travel.
  • We happily provide or reimburse hardware and software you’ll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning.

Interesting? It’s big chance. Don’t miss it.

Source: http://automattic.com/work-with-us

5 Ways To Express Your Love

People say, true love is hard to be expressed. In other hand, keeping it inside and unexposed often causes people being single.

If you are in love with someone special, a truly, madly, deeply love and found your riggid tongue can’t say a word, then you don’t have to say the word. Here are 5 Ways To Express Your Love: Picture, Food & Cake, Handicraft, Nails Art and Love Quotes.

Read more: 5 Ways To Express Your Love | Asian Sweety
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Inspirational Underwater Scenery Arts

Elena Kalis (Sugarock99) from Deviantart has posted a lot of underwater sceneries which will inspire you to make different journey with your beach trips.

She is underwater photography specialist and has made up great portfolio here. From models to abstracts are great, high-detailed retouching and heart-touching color schemes. Watching crowd of photograph world nowadays, I think people are in need of something different. And Elena has the answer. A great underwater living taken and professionally photoshopped will bring really different taste for pre-wedding photoshots, even for still life and fashion promo.

My friend Yayat LaVio has also made a photograhy community, targetting underwater scenery. I don’t know is it running already or not.

Source: Inspirational Underwater Arts

For Wallpaper Collector

I love wallpapers. I love beautiful girl. I love shining sweety. Therefore, my desktop always filled by gorgeous wallpapers. Talking about girls and shining sweeties, what in my mind was Asian girls with yellow bright skin, semi brunette hair, black or brown eye and supple curved body.
 Asian-Sweety.com - Asian Self Shot Photos & News
Asian-Sweety.com – Asian Photos & News
Wallpapers there are updated frequently. You will love HD+ size wallpapers and a lot of self shot Asian girls showing their beauty.

Save Setting Koneksi ke File INI

Zeos Connection Settings

Zeos Connection Settings

Teman-teman Delphier kerap bertanya, “Bagaimana mengatur aplikasi Delphi-Zeos-MySQL agar dapat berjalan di pc lain tanpa perlu menginstall Delphi di sana?”

Di posting tentang koneksi Delphi-Zeos-MySQL, Anda dapat melihat file-file depencies (pendukung) aplikasi baik program Anda maupun MySQL.

Kini, giliran setting koneksi yang akan kita bahas. Mulai dari mengetes koneksi, menyimpannya ke file INI/CFG, sampai membacanya kembali.

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