WordPress.com is hiring!

WordPress.com is announcing  job vacancies. They are hiring:

  • Account Engineer
  • Code Wrangler
  • Community Handyman
  • Designer
  • Growth Engineer
  • Happiness Engineer
  • Mobile Wrangler
  • Systems Wrangler
  • Theme Wrangler


WordPress.com offer you to work from home, anywhere around the world. They track the work using WordPress.com blog (70%), IRC (25%)  and also Skype or AIM.

Work In Place

If you have chance to come onboard with WordPress.com, you will be able to do the project together with based on contract. For full-time joiner, first three weeks will be done as customer support. Three to eight first weeks, they evaluate you on how you work together with the team.

Annual Meetup

Chance you’ll included in wordpress company meetup once a year in San Francisco; La Paz, Mexico; Oracle, Arizona; Breckenridge, Colorado; Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec; Seaside, Florida; and Budapest, Hungary. Other places may be planned.


  • Open vacation policy (no set number of days per year). We encourage our employees to take the time they need to take vacation, develop interests, and spend time with friends and family.
  • Health, dental, & vision insurance for US employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and children.
  • 401(k) plan for US employees.
  • We cover all costs of company travel.
  • We happily provide or reimburse hardware and software you’ll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning.

Interesting? It’s big chance. Don’t miss it.

Source: http://automattic.com/work-with-us


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